Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sandy Bridge and low-end SKUs

Sandy Bridge, in its quad-core version. has managed to get a listing for future low-end Intel processors based on Sandy Bridge.

They have a nice little chart so I won't detail every single SKU, but I'll say this: first, Intel's naming scheme is still confusing as hell; second, even the lowly Pentium G620 has Turbo enabled for the graphics part (though not the CPU). This is both slightly unexpected and quite welcome, since that feature is key to Sandy Bridge's power efficiency. It's nice to see that even the bottom end isn't completely crippled. Though the CPU cores lack HyperThreading and Turbo, they still have a decent amount of L3 cache (3MB) and run at a respectable 2.6GHz, so I expect very respectable performance from this part.

Fudzilla also has some information about Sandy Bridge-based Celerons, but they don't seem to have the full specifications. Then again, it's supposed to be released in Q3'11, so those might not be set yet.

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