Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bulldozer and Llano roadmaps leaked

The guys from managed to get their hands on roadmaps for the client version of Bulldozer, otherwise known as Zambezi, and for Llano (desktop only).

This is very much in line with what AMD revealed during Analyst Day: Llano will be out in mid-2011, available in 2-, 3- and 4-core versions. Apparently, only two different power envelopes will coexist, at least initially: 65W and 100W. I'm sure 45W products will follow in Q4. Obviously, mobile SKUs will have much lower TDPs.

We already knew that Bulldozer would make its way into desktops in Q2, but now it even seems to be around May, which is unexpected, but very good news. It will be offered with 8 cores first, and in 125W as well as 95W versions. Then, 6- and 4-core versions will follow, all within 95W. I wonder whether there will be 65W versions later.

It appears that AMD might be competitive in high-end desktops in the first half of 2011 after all, which is great because it hasn't been the case since 2006.

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