Monday, November 22, 2010

ISSCC 2011 and new information

I'll keep it short this time. Dresdenboy has just published a new blog post on Citavia about the International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2011 (ISSCC) and you should read it because it contains new, juicy info. Here's a teaser:

4.5 Design Solutions for the Bulldozer 32nm SOI 2-Core Processor Module in an 8-Core CPU
T. Fischer, S. Arekapudi, E. Busta, C. Dietz, M. Golden, S. Hilker, A. Horiuchi, K. A. Hurd, D. Johnson, H. McIntyre, S. Naffziger, J. Vinh, J. White, K. Wilcox, AMD
The Bulldozer 2-core CPU module contains 213M transistors in an 11-metal layer 32nm high-k metalgate SOI CMOS process and is designed to operate from 0.8 to 1.3V. This micro-architecture improves performance and frequency while reducing area and power over a previous AMD x86-64 CPU in the same process. The design reduces the number of gates/cycle relative to prior designs, achieving 3.5GHz+ operation in an area (including 2MB L2 cache) of 30.9mm2.

And here are some figures about Sandy-Bridge, Westmere and Llano, for reference:

Author: Hans de Vries

As you can see, a Bulldozer module (2 cores) with 2MB of L2 cache is actually a bit smaller than 2 Llano cores with the same amount of cache! That's quite promising.

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