Sunday, November 14, 2010

RWT: Exploring the Intel and Achronix Deal

David Kanter has recently published a piece over at Real World Technologies about the recent deal between Intel and Achronix, a company that designs FPGAs, shedding some light on this puzzling event.

Last Monday, Intel announced that they had voluntarily entered into a manufacturing partnership with a third party, one of the first times in the company’s history. This broke an implicit assumption held by many observers, and prompted quite a few questions, which we will endeavor to answer. 


  1. "That Intel is partnering with Achronix to specifically complement and integrate with their existing product portfolio and roadmap"?

    I agree. I can't wait to see what Intel comes up with!

  2. Considering the time it takes from concept to silicon for most Intel products, see you at best next year for first leaks and 2 years for the first product (and I'd say that's optimistic).

  3. Well I guess I'm gonna *have* to wait, then… :)

    But if it's big enough, there might be some early evangelism from Intel, and in that case we'll have at least some information.