About Teχlog

First of all, Teχlog should be pronounced "teklog", because that X-looking thing is the Greek letter chi.

Teχlog is a place where tech-savvy people will be able to find information and often some amount of analysis about the latest developments in computer hardware for the most part, but also, from time to time, computer software, games, and on occasion, about things not related to technology at all.

You will find original content here, but also a lot of links to reviews and articles that I found to be particularly interesting. In such instances, posts may be as raw as a link and a brief comment. You can think of Teχlog as providing two fairly distinct services:
  • Reports about widely available information, but accompanied by hopefully insightful analysis and comments. Here, I aim to go beyond standard news reporting and add something of value.
  • Links to especially interesting articles or reviews, usually without much comment because the articles and reviews themselves are enough. Here, the goal is to point towards valuable information and quality work that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Teχlog is obviously something I take care of during my spare time, so don't expect 10 posts per day, but if people actually read it, I will try to keep it as active as possible.