Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SemiAccurate: GF110 is 550mm²

According to Charlie Demerjian's recent post on SemiAccurate, and contrary to what most people thought, NVIDIA's latest GPU, GF110, is actually bigger than GF100, with a very respectable size of about 550mm².

GF110 is the chip that powers the GTX 580 and 570, for those of you who might not remember. However, bear in mind that if GF110 enjoys better yields than GF100 (which is quite likely) it could be cheaper to produce than GF100 ever was, in spite of its larger size.

In any case, unless AMD's Cayman is substantially larger than we've been led to believe, NVIDIA will have a hard time fighting it with such a large chip and the high manufacturing costs that go with it.

Furthermore, I think that AMD and NVIDIA's renaming practices are dishonest and harmful to consumers, and that they need to stop. 

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